Cruciatus Infernalis / Krod - Storming the Gates of Heaven (Digisleeve)


Two Underground Titans Unite: A Tumultuous Assault on the Sonic Spheres

When Chile's Krod collides with Austria's Cruciatus Infernalis, the result is an explosive synergy that redefines the boundaries of Black Metal. This potent collaboration is a journey through the harsh, uncharted territories of sound, each track vibrating with raw intensity and an insatiable hunger for authenticity.

Krod, hailing from Chile, presents a brutal form of raw Black Metal that fiercely upholds the time-honored kvlt traditions. Their contribution of three searing tracks leaves you yearning for more, promising a tantalizing glimpse into their upcoming full-length album. Their sound is a relentless onslaught of crushing riffs and primal beats that encapsulate the very essence of Black Metal.

From Austria, Cruciatus Infernalis brings his distinctive blend of Black Death Metal and Dungeon Synth to the table. His three tracks narrate a dramatic tale of celestial combustion, the smoldering remains, and the ascension of a new dominator of heaven, earth, and hell. The music is a complex weave of bone-crushing Black Death Metal and the ethereal, haunting elements of Dungeon Synth. This unique sonic fusion captures the eerie tranquility and fierce brutality that defines the Cruciatus Infernalis sound.

This collaboration is an unrivaled venture into the depth of extreme music. A gripping testament to the creative powers of Krod and Cruciatus Infernalis, the album is a must-have for any purveyor of underground Black Metal. Here, two beasts have truly joined forces to create a storm that challenges not only the gates of heaven but also the very conception of the genre. Prepare yourself for a sonic journey unlike any other.

released April 8, 2022 via Kvlt und Kaos Productions

Krod (tracks 1-3)Lyrics and music by Zabulus Valtakunta
Vocals and Instruments by Zabulus Valtakunta
Mastering and Mixing by Valtakunta Records

Cruciatus Infernalis (tracks 4-6)evoken by H.Daemonenwacht