Dethred - Demonic Whsipers / Nachzehrer (cassettebox)


Indulge in nostalgia and sustainability with the DETHRED Limited Edition Music Cassette, strictly limited to just 40 pieces. This unique collectible features DETHRED's ground-breaking EPs, "Demonic Whispers" and "Nachzehrer," masterfully recorded on high-quality cassette tapes for an authentic, gritty audio experience.

Housed in a eco-friendly cardboard box that exudes DETHRED's dark aesthetic, this release signifies a true commitment to environmental consciousness within the music industry. A nod to the past with an eye on the future, this collectible is not just music, but a piece of history - sustainable, raw, and unapologetically metal.

Act fast - with only 40 available, this piece of Melodic-Death-Metal history won't last long. Secure your DETHRED Limited Edition Music Cassette today.

1. DETHRED: Demonic Whispers (2019)
Unleash the beast within with DETHRED's debut EP, "Demonic Whispers." Released in 2019, this four-track offering serves as a cataclysmic entry into the Melodic-Death-Metal scene. Each song is a hauntingly powerful composition, dripping with raw intensity and searing aggression.
"Demonic Whispers" is a testament to DETHRED's compelling sound, seamlessly blending bone-crushing riffs, relentless drums, and chilling melodies. The horror-inspired lyrics creep into your mind, leaving an indelible imprint long after the music fades. A defining moment in DETHRED's musical journey, "Demonic Whispers" is an immersive experience, plunging listeners into the dark and twisted heart of melodic death metal.

2. DETHRED: Nachzehrer (2021)
Embrace the chilling void with "Nachzehrer," DETHRED's second EP. Released in 2021, this five-track onslaught is a thrilling evolution from their debut, pushing the boundaries of the genre while amplifying the raw energy that fans have come to love.
With "Nachzehrer," DETHRED elevates their sound to a new level of intensity. Each track is an explosive symphony of brutal riffs, pounding drums, and haunting melodies, wrapped up in a dark shroud of horror-inspired lyrics. The result is a sensory feast that propels listeners into the spectral depths of DETHRED's chilling sonic universe.
Whether you're a long-time fan or new to the scene, "Demonic Whispers" and "Nachzehrer" are a must-have addition to your collection. Experience the raw power and chilling intensity of DETHRED – a captivating journey into the abyss awaits.