Guyod - Heart Of The Abyss (cassettebox)


Dive into the haunting soundscape of Guyod's latest masterpiece, now available in a nostalgic cassette format. Reflecting the mysteries and magnificence of the ocean's depths, this album encapsulates the dual nature of water – its power to create and destroy. Encased in an eco-friendly, plastic-free cardboard packaging, it not only offers a rich auditory experience but also stands as a testament to sustainable choices. Experience the vastness and intrigue of the unknown, one track at a time.

released 04.11.2023 via Grazil Records & Kvlt und Kaos Productions

Recorded at Lakewood Studios, Graz
Mixed by Thomas Taube, FiveLakes Studio
Mastered by Dario Köstinger
Cover artwork by Khaos Diktator