Korseld - Jordevandring MMXXII (Digipack)


Jordevandring XXMMII": A Decade-Long Journey Revisited

A monumental achievement in the world of atmospheric death doom metal, "Jordevandring XXMMII" is not just an album - it's a journey back through a decade of groundbreaking musical composition. This special release marks the 10th anniversary of the songs first conceived in 2012, transforming it into an event of celebratory reminiscence.

The album is an intriguing blend of old and new, with most of the original recordings preserved, ensuring a genuine connection to the initial inspiration and artistic integrity. To augment this connection, the guitars and some vocals have been entirely re-recorded, adding a fresh layer of sound to the established groundwork.

The remastering process has resulted in a cleaner, sharper sound, allowing each track to ascend to new sonic heights. Every note, every beat, and every lyrical passage has been enhanced, unveiling a level of auditory detail that adds depth and intricacy to the overall listening experience.

Renowned musician and audio engineer Dan Swanö at Unisound AB has masterfully fine-tuned the album. His deft touch has further polished the audio quality, making the nine atmospheric death doom metal tracks resonate with an even greater intensity.

Performed in the lyrical beauty of the Swedish mother tongue, each track is steeped in an old-school style, exuding a timeless essence that adds a touch of nostalgia to the mix. The result is a captivating amalgamation of atmospheric depth, doom-laden undertones, and the raw energy of death metal, all presented in a language that adds an extra layer of authenticity and cultural richness to the music.

Whether you're a long-time fan revisiting these compositions or a newcomer exploring this offering for the first time, "Jordevandring XXMMII" promises an immersive and transformative listening experience that stands as a testament to a decade of musical excellence.
released May 6, 2022 via Kvlt und Kaos Productions

Originally released in 2014
Additional new recordings 2021 – 2022
Daniel T – Vocals and keyboard
Daniel Reese – Guitars
Jens Fredriksson – Bass
Jonas Hoffman – Drums
Dick Lundberg backing vocals on “De sista att falla”, “Eldstrid” and "Jordevandring"

Re-recorded in Goatman Studios 2021 – 2022
Music by Daniel Reese, exept “Jordevandring” and “I Korpens Skugga”, by D. Tjernberg/M. Tjernberg/D. Reese
Lyrics by Daniel T
Artwork by Lars Krantz
Produced by KORSELD
Mastered by Dan Swanö