Krod - Black Metal Legion (Digipack)


Resonating with the Primal Roots: Raw Black Metal Unleashed

In the spirit of revering the origins of the genre, this album stands as a beacon of raw Black Metal, honouring the seminal roots of this intense and emotive style of music. It's an album that resonates deeply with the traditional ethos of Black Metal, with its unfiltered aggression, dark thematic elements, and an underlying sense of melancholic beauty.

Each track on the album is a testament to the quintessential Black Metal sound, echoing the rawness that characterized the early works of the genre. The searing guitar riffs, guttural vocals, and relentless percussion create a brutal soundscape that feels both nostalgically familiar and uniquely fresh.

The musicianship showcased in this album draws heavily from the classic techniques that defined the genre's formative years. The compositions, while brimming with modern nuances, are firmly rooted in the traditional elements that make Black Metal the intense, evocative genre it is.

The production of the album is purposefully minimalistic, harking back to the lo-fi aesthetic that is characteristic of classic Black Metal. The rawness in the production only serves to accentuate the primal energy that each track exudes, resulting in a sound that is as brutally honest as it is impactful.

This raw Black Metal album doesn't just pay homage to the roots of the genre - it embodies them. Every note played, every word growled, and every beat hit is a salute to the Black Metal of old, whilst also demonstrating the untamed and ferocious spirit that drives the genre forward today. Whether you're a devout follower of Black Metal or a curious newcomer, this album offers an unadulterated taste of the genre's raw essence and a genuine tribute to its deep-seated roots.

released May 13, 2022 via Kvlt und Kaos Productions